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Specialised in extensions and refurbishment of residential homes, we are able to provide a customised service covering the following.

If you simply want to make a planning application in a first stage we can provide you this service at a fixed price.

Building works can be complex and stressful, as it often leads to unexpected costs while spending a lot of your personal time dealing with the project if you try to do it on your own, 

EMR promise:

  • A daily project management and building renovation expertise with an eye for details. 

  • A single intermediary between you and the different contractors, overlooking them on site while liaising with you at your most convenient time.

  • A unique home with great design, while being fully practical for your everyday life,

We define our work in the 7 stages described below

Stage 0: Consultation

Free consultation at your property (or a property you are looking to buy) to advise on design and refurbishment options.

Stage 1: Strategic Definition

Taking the client initial brief I then work to make sure that the requirements are achievable and affordable. I check the feasibility of the project accordingly and talk through options in order for the client to gain a greater understanding of the opportunities presented by the project, often more than they sometimes expect and to help them decide the most appropriate approach to design and construction. This is a critical stage to make sure the project will be successful. 

Stage 2 – Preparation and Brief 

We send the client a brief summary which identifies the key requirements and restrictions. Other members of the design team that are required will also be identified. This is likely to include a structural engineer, a party wall surveyor, building control and CDM Advisor. Depending on the complexity of the project, a cost consultant, a mechanical and electrical (M&E) engineer could be appointed as well as a landscape architect, Audio-Visual consultant or lighting consultant.


This is also a good stage to start engaging in discussions with neighbours for a smooth party wall experience. This allows for the proposals to be discussed with those affected by them in order to avoid causing unproductive anxiety and also as a matter of courtesy. I always try to respond positively and helpfully to the concerns and interests of the neighbours. 

Stage 3 – Concept Design 

At that stage we sketch the house and get the planning application set ready for submission (normally takes 8 weeks for approval). 

Stage 4 – Developed Design

We prepare the developed designs to a further level of detail, this includes construction details, integrates structural design, building services systems, insulations and other specifications discussed with the client . We then submit the plans to a Building Control Approved Inspector for feedback to ensure that the proposals are compliant with Building Regulations. We recommend private building control companies that are very efficient and experts. 

Stage 5 – Technical Design

At this stage the developed designs are done to tender drawings. We work on technical specifications so that tendering contractors can price the building elements accurately. Cost consultants should also finalise the cost plan based on the updated information (if required). This final documentation must also be given to the CDM Coordinator who will then draw up a pre-tender Health and Safety plan.

On average it takes about 2/3 weeks for tenderers to get back with a quote proposal

Tenders quotes are reviewed, tenders are obtained and negotiations of the tender sums can be started if necessary. Revisions to the Technical Design can also be made to meet adjustments in the tender sum. 

Once an approved tender sum and tenderer have been identified the contract can now be agreed and a contractor appointed, the Technical Design is issued to the contractor and the Client arranges for the site to be handed over.

By the end of this stage, all aspects of the construction designs will be completed. This includes the house layout with furniture positions, the electrical and plumbing plans. Any specific details such as AV, accoustic insulation, plumbing details.

Stage 6 – Construction Project Management 

This stage involves co-ordination between clients and contractors & daily management to review progress, issue instructions, and manage time and budget.

It is also the time for design such as joinery, kitchen, bathrooms and general material and colour choices. 

Stage 7 - Interior Design

Although the floor layout has been decided at Technical drawing stage, we continue working on all Design aspects while the construction carries on. This is time for choice of kitchen, bathrooms elements, skirtings, architrave, imongory, floors, tiles, colour scheme, garden design etc.

Stage 7- Delivery 

We are around when you move in and make sure that all the snagging is done. We also make sure you are looked after by the builder in the event you want to make some small changes such as adding decorative items or if there is any small issue to fix. 

We also make sure that you are issued with all the necessary certificates such as Building Control, Electrics & Gas.



Jonathan is a registered Architect currently practicing across London (UK).

His experience covers all RIBA work stages; from concept design to planning through to tender, delivery and construction. Over the last four years, he has specifically worked on the planning and delivery of renovated and modernised townhouses, as well as other commercial ventures.

Born in Yorkshire, he studied at the Oxford Brookes School of Architecture before graduating from the Glasgow School of Art. He currently works at Jo Cowen Architects in Chelsea, London.

Jonathan brings the high standards and efficiency of a large practice to his every day work, having worked on a multitude of iconic projects at award-winning international practices, including Squire + Partners (London) and Pentagram Design (San Francisco).

Whilst residing in California, he worked on the re-design of a boutique vineyard in Napa Valley as well as 'A house for two artists' and other bespoke, luxury houses across San Francisco and Marin County.

Jonathan was also once a carpenter at Vitra's Domaine de Boisbuchet, France. 

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